Are your products GLUTEN FREE?

Yes, All our products (Banarasi Mint, Rose Mint, Mango Mint & Banarasi Truffle) are free of Gluten.

Are your products DAIRY FREE?

Yes, All our products are free from dairy and dairy substitutes.

What is the SHELF LIFE of your products?

All our products can be stored & consumed for 12 months from the date of production.

Where are your products ORIGINALLY from?

All our products are originally produced in the United Arab Emirates.

Are your products VEGETARIAN?

Yes, All our products are vegetarian-friendly.

Are your products NUTS FREE?

All our products contain Coconut and are free from all other nuts.

How do we STORE your products?

We suggest to store all our products in a cool dry place, Between 18°C - 22°C

and away from direct sunlight.

How do we CONTACT you?

You could send us an email on